Surviving 'will' will stay...

May be
one day
my wealth might
run away
my health might
run away

even in those
difficult days
have no doubt,
my will to survive
will stay,
for you are
beside me
to always
guide me,

whenever I gave up,
and refrained..
you compelled me
to stand again
you made me fight
with upstream tide
you took me
to the coast
through that
freezing frost
in those
difficult days
the surviving will
did stayed

for you were
beside me
to always
guide me.

when the dark 
will get dense
you will provide me
the strength
you will guide me
to light
you will show me
the brighter side
on that
difficult day
surviving 'will'
will stay
as you are
beside me
to always
guide me.

Dedicated to my dear Brother...


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