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अभी पालने में है

ओह री  चुनारिया ...
ना हो बाँवरिया,
अभी तो सांवरिया अपना ...
पालने  में है।

करूँ ममता की छैया...
कि मेरे जीवन की नैया ,
और सबका खेवैया 
अभी पालने में है।

दादा जी मुस्कावें...
दादी को रिझावें,
झूम झूम दिखावें वो जो...
पालने में है। 

करें नाना जी तैयारी...
बिटिया की साड़ी और बिटुवा की गाड़ी,
पड़े नानी पे भारी वो जो... 
पालने में है। 

मामा जी हर्शावें...
मामी से बतियावें,  
कहें लाखों में एक है जो...
पालने में है। 

बुआ जी हमारी...
जायें वारी वारी,
कहें बड़ा मनोहारी है जो...
पालने में है। 

घरोंदे की गैया, 
राधा की मैया...
तनिक ठहरो तो भैया,
अभी तो कन्हैया मेरा... 
पालने में है। 

ओह री चुनारिया...
ना हो बाँवरिया,
अभी तो सांवरिया अपना...
पालने में है.

public abstract sealed class MyFundooClass {}

Ever heard of a class that is abstract as well as sealed?
Sounds impossible right? abstract means some functions must be defined in derived class and sealed means class can not be derived. Conflicting statements!!?
Well actually the catch is in the meaning of abstract class. Creating abstract class means that instance of a class can not be created. That is why you can have following class in c#:
public abstract class MyFundooClass { //abstract class without any abstract members. } So now you are clear that abstract means class can not be instantiated. But what if someone decided to derive your class and create an instance of it?
For ex:
public class MyFundooClassImpl : MyFundooClass { } ....
void SomeFunc() { MyFundooClass obj= new MyFundooClassImpl(); //Ohh some has an instance of MyFundooClass !!?? } Here the sealed keyword comes to rescue. Sealed means class can not be derived. So now you can write your class as
public abstract s…

My Rants on Scrum

It is like Churchill or Rooseveldt said something along the lines of: "Democracy is flawed, but nothing else works!". Which is also true. Democracy is the rule of the mob and pop culture, but all other governing styles leads to chaos, elitism or despotism.

I do like a lot of the ideas behind Scrum, the agile thinking is great, the XPways do work. Everyone seems to jump on the Scrum bandwagon taking every element as gospel, and defending it religiously. But Scrum, has introduced many elements I don't like. I can see why, and what they can achive, but some I really detest.

Unfortunetly, all other project managent styles have more flaws, so I think "Scrum matured", or some better Agile methodalogies in the future is a better solution.

For Scrum and agile there are 3 sides to view from the pros and cons to its benefits.
 Management Developers CustomersIt is mainly been developers who having been pushing Scrum as it will be better for customers, hence in the end for man…

being son of a burnt bride

its been a while
since she smiled
series of decades
have gone by
but her eyes
never went dry
its the longest wait
not even made
by the longest dial
its been a while
since she smiled

why was she cursed
why she never conversed
why she never blamed
why was she flamed
why is she still alive
if she can't even smile
oh god its been a while
since she smiled

my never ending thrust
like that leftout frust
on a burning fire
the boiling desire
to see her smile
before I die
for its been a while
since she smiled