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Black Swan...

Written by well known Hedge Fund trader, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the book helps in understanding the actual meaning of term "RISK" used by Porfolio Managers, in their astrological arguments, to convince their clients of Black Swan.
This would definitely glue you... :),

And if you still left with time for stupid technical reading this might be of some help:

Learning C++ again... good or bad only god knows.

Life is never what you ask for, but I can't believe my dearest language has returned to me. Not that I asked for it, but I never wished to leave it either. It just got lost in those wonderful training days.
Now that I am learning C++ again, the first programing language of my life, the first and the only one I have fallen in love with, I am stuck in a delima. (PS: Technically BASIC was the first one but I never learnt it as programing language)

I have been assigned the task of setting up CPP unit test environment for my team. Obviously no one else was interested in taking this up, and I being an easy soft target had to raise the bar. I started on Monday in in just a week I am ready with 23 successful test cases and with 2 design flaws report. (well the design flaws are actually UT failure but server guys will always be server guys, they turned the failure to a design flaw and thus I had to restructure my UT to make it succeed :) )

Now, my delima is should I stick with my spirit o…