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Just to make sure i am still blogging

I am feeling very frustrated and tired today. I am just wondering how did i managed this journey till now, was i really up for it? if yes then where my strength has gone now that i am willing to give up. Right now I am loving to mum the song from 3 idiots "give me some sunshine..."
I have been striving to continue with my so called love with tech. I have been trying to write something that I believe is my discovery :P "The Virtual Extension Methods". But only god know when i would be able to blog on that. Its been three times that I have tried to scan my code but every time someone else was playing with the scanner just to make sure I can't scan anything :(.
But don't worry, soon i would regain my strength and the black magic of Virtual Extension would be open sourced. Till then astla vista baby.
Ankush Bansal