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Getting trained again.... this time its ION

Some really funny things I hvae learnt in ION's training sessions:

1. Clearing is part of Middle Office.
2. Price of bond never changes once decided.
3. We used to talk in terms of buying 100 IBM or 100 Sape, here they always talk in terms of 1 trillion xyz (Neither of us had a realistic example :) )
4. HAHAHa, read this, Future can trade on OTC. These guys are unaware of term Forwards.
5. Thre facilitator had prepared a seperate single slide PPT for his introduction (he can't even introduce himself without a PPT :) )
6. STP is used to process trades comming from two diferent streams.  WTF.
7. LIBOR is pronounced as 'Leebor' instead of 'Laibor'.
8. Agency bonds implicitly means they are Goverenment Bonds.
9. The facilitator didn't knew the difference b/w Connection Oriented and Connection Less protocols.

Mind you the facilitator says (orshows in PPT) that he has an experiance of 8yrs (2 yrs of RetailBanking rest if Financial Industry).

And I a…

My way of saying good bye

This is my sapient Adieu mail: (i got recognition for Creativity for this mail :) )

Hi Friends,
It was a late winter day (or was it an early spring) when I realized Agilenton clearing Sapient's campus interview (almost 50 months back).
I did Dun & Bradstreetto join Sapient ('Persistent' with a higher package being the other choice).
The only aimin mind was AMX. So very predictably I started with Anritsu approach and wanted to ensure doing an AT&T every day!!
While every day I wanted to start as FEDEX, it was also important for me to be a TOSHIBAand make it ONGC.
Then starting from SapeStart till our training I felt my team was a DISNEYLAND;
The SapeStart taught 3Mideas, training was no Philipsbut provided Panasonic (with lots of CS and Tennis and a bit of TRM, .net).
Later on, I was absorbed  in Citadel, one of the best fort of Rock Stars (as quoted by Mr. Jetly in his welcome e-mail), as a developer
cum support cum QA cum analyst etc etc...
I joined th…