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the last few walks...

I could have resisted but couldn't,
could have missed it but couldn't,
i had to travel this last few walks
so i decided to give it a shot

the french mystery
the italian history,
the tower of pisa,
the pop with Isaiah
the city of venice
and the 5 villages
were all to be seen
this turned me keen..

and now as i walk,
with memories of my talk
in italian and in french
of paris and its stench
of pisa and its chiesa
am pleased that i could make
these memories to take

as i walk this last few walks,
i have with me,
a lot to cheer,
nothing to fear,
something for my dad,
and myself for my mom.
i am going home,
oh yea I am going home.

MVVM explained again!

I just started to work on WPF after quite a long break (8 month). And I wanted to recap my WPF knowledge and use MVVM in a plugin like scenario.

Download from here...
(Download link:

I have prepared a very basic plugin like app which makes use of MVVM with Commands, DataBindings and DataTemplates.

The AnimalsLibrary is a Plugin base which is referenced by every plugin.

The OuterUserAnimals is a Plugin which creates a new animal type. It also defines its own way of displaying its animals using a data template.

The TestListBoxTemplate is our main app which displayes the standard animals and loads other animals from plugin dll.

For now you may finc the path od plugin dll hard coded so you would have to change that to match your needs (as per you save loaction of the zip).

This example shows how to create a ViewModel which can be bound to a view. How to create and load DataTemplates from a referenced Dll (animals lib). And how to creat…