the last few walks...

I could have resisted but couldn't,
could have missed it but couldn't,
i had to travel this last few walks
so i decided to give it a shot

the french mystery
the italian history,
the tower of pisa,
the pop with Isaiah
the city of venice
and the 5 villages
were all to be seen
this turned me keen..

and now as i walk,
with memories of my talk
in italian and in french
of paris and its stench
of pisa and its chiesa
am pleased that i could make
these memories to take

as i walk this last few walks,
i have with me,
a lot to cheer,
nothing to fear,
something for my dad,
and myself for my mom.
i am going home,
oh yea I am going home.


  1. Eurotrip - hope u njoyed ;)
    worshiping pope in the vetican in the morning..
    cherishing italy's pastas and pizzas in the afternoon..
    and french wine in the nyt... ;).. cheers...

  2. Oh, very beautiful...especially last part... 

    But when you are going to leave???

    And....did you like more italy or french??? And Italian people or French people?

  3. Hehehe you posted as Anonymus!! :P

    well i'll leave on 9th..
    Obviously i liked Italy and Italian....

  4. Very nicely written.....emotion for mom n dad was the highlight of this poem for me...

    Abhishek :)

  5. acha hai bhai .. :) likhta rha kar ..

  6. @Abhishek, deepaksharma : Thank you doston


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