Learning C++ again... good or bad only god knows.

Life is never what you ask for, but I can't believe my dearest language has returned to me. Not that I asked for it, but I never wished to leave it either. It just got lost in those wonderful training days.
Now that I am learning C++ again, the first programing language of my life, the first and the only one I have fallen in love with, I am stuck in a delima. (PS: Technically BASIC was the first one but I never learnt it as programing language)

I have been assigned the task of setting up CPP unit test environment for my team. Obviously no one else was interested in taking this up, and I being an easy soft target had to raise the bar. I started on Monday in in just a week I am ready with 23 successful test cases and with 2 design flaws report. (well the design flaws are actually UT failure but server guys will always be server guys, they turned the failure to a design flaw and thus I had to restructure my UT to make it succeed :) )

Now, my delima is should I stick with my spirit of learning CPP again or should I focus on C# rather. A lot remain to be learn in C# too. But my desire to be known as system developer rather than just a GUI developer is leaning me towards CPP. Learning CPP would not only help me build server side logic which essentially means a deeper understanding of so called business logic but also help me grasp DB skills back.

Prabhu ji,  help me evade this delima and show me path to a better future.


  1. u going right way pal. If u like to be system developer, u can't ignore cpp and u can't go ahead with csharp only. Great for ur career, hope one day I will be given some official work on cpp :)

  2. Yes I know sir, CPP is a must for System Developer, but a lot remain to be learn in c#, i just hope, not to be caught riding on two boats floating in opposite directions... :)


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