My way of saying good bye

This is my sapient Adieu mail: (i got recognition for Creativity for this mail :) )

Hi Friends,

It was a late winter day (or was it an early spring) when I realized Agilent on clearing Sapient's campus interview (almost 50 months back).
I did Dun & Bradstreet to join Sapient ('Persistent' with a higher package being the other choice).
The only aim in mind was AMX. So very predictably I started with Anritsu approach and wanted to ensure doing an AT&T every day!!
While every day I wanted to start as FEDEX, it was also important for me to be a TOSHIBA and make it ONGC.
Then starting from SapeStart till our training I felt my team was a DISNEYLAND;
The SapeStart taught 3M ideas, training was no Philips but provided Panasonic (with lots of CS and Tennis and a bit of TRM, .net).
Later on, I was absorbed  in Citadel, one of the best fort of Rock Stars (as quoted by Mr. Jetly in his welcome e-mail), as a developer
cum support cum QA cum analyst etc etc...
I joined the Clearing team along with Neeraj Handa. We both wanted to become PORSCHE by claiming to be JAGUAR.
Every single day we were asked for American Express with Apache Corporation pushing us to be LAND ROVER, with constant encouragement from
Kartik and Vasu with their Apollo Group words. Now when I look back, its seem Staples.
After a wonderful stint when it came to the moments of making decision, I had to do a WIPRO and finally decided to do NIKE although
it was not a DELL making it (believe me its not because of Target Corporation spirit of Sapient, no hard feelings please).
Our NOKIA medium will be through which we can KODAK.
I would carry all the wonderful moments we shared as it is my MASTERCARD.

If I have made this a complicated one refer below table with the relevant ‘taglines’!!! . If still you cant read it refer the simpler version attached.
Agilent Dreams Made Real
Dun & Bradstreet Decide with Confidence
AMX It's Your World. Take Control
 Anritsu  Discover What's Possible
AT&T  Your World. Delivered
FEDEX Absolutely, positively overnight
TOSHIBA In touch with tomorrow
ONGC Making tomorrow brighter
DISNEYLAND The happiest place on Earth
3M Innovation
Philips Sense and Simplicity
Panasonic  Ideas for Life
PORSCHE There is no substitute
JAGUAR Born to perform
American Express Do More
Apache Corporation Sense of Urgency
LAND ROVER Go beyond
Apollo Group You Can Do This
Staples  That Was Easy
WIPRO Applying thought
NIKE Just Do It
Target Corporation Expect More. Pay Less.
NOKIA Connecting People
KODAK Share moments. Share Life.
MASTERCARD There are some things money can’t buy.
Ankush Bansal

Associate Technology L2 | Sapient Global Markets

DLF Cyber Greens
DLF Phase III, Sector 25-A
Gurgaon 122 002

Desk: +91 (124) 416 7000 (x 7513)
Mobile: +91 999 909 9944
Fax: +91 (124) 416 7001

Discover is the most overly rated word... we all discover new ways of getting screwed every day. :)
"Thanks to this link for the giving Idea of writing this mail"
And below is the content of attachment:
Attachment Name: Adieu.txt
Hi Friends,

Today is my last day in Sapient.It has been a wonderful experience working for this company.
I wish everyone the best and look forward to working with all of you at some point in the future.

Thanks and Regards
Ankush Bansal


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