One of my Poem | The day I spoke

The Day I Spoke.....
It was dark all around,
when I saw, no one was there I found.
This was the day I woke..
The first day I spoke.

The day before... I was flying
in the sky, so very high...
No time to look behind , Job was to keep flying.
This is success I thought..
Getting everything wanted, Thank u God.
So very nice the feeling I felt..
It was the day before I melt.

There was no end it seemed..
even the sun wasn't getting dim..
so fortunate was I flying high so vey high..
then a thought stuck my mind...
let me be generous and a bit kind,
why not look around and see...
who all are with me,
and who all have left behind.

And to my shock , alone was I..
flying lonely in my sky, so high so very high..
with no care in my heart,
for those who had work hard.
for those who were with me,
in that journey.
when I got alone I never Realized.
The journey become virtual,
virtual become my life.

Relatives, friends,nation, world
I had forgotten these words.
suddenly it got worse..
There came a wave, everything it broke.
on the earth I was lying
with no time for even crying
This was when I looked around.
This was when the darkness I found.
That was the day I Woke,
That was the Day I Spoke.

I Spoke to myself, so to those,
who were still flying,
each in their virtual sky,
its high for them
but dying they were below my eyes,
falling they were instead, of flying.

It required guts not to choke,
to tell the truth,
and truth I spoke.
That was the day I Woke,
That was the Day I Spoke,


  1. I never said you won't need my help,
    neither I said, I won't help,
    Its about friendship that we share,
    where words like help are very rare,
    I promise before you ask for it,
    ...I would always be there,
    I would always be there,


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