Finally she left

Finally she left
accusing me
of murder threat
I was living in hope
she might just cope
the pressure of hopes
and my neglect
but she left

She said she was fine
even when she was crying
I asked her to not
and she faked her smile
I know she was disturbed
could not adjust
she had to choose
the rules of house
or freedom of office
she piked her job
and rest of losses
she did her best
before she left

we had peace
for so many weeks
then came the burner
and hell broke loose
I shouted at her
she shouted at me
she wanted to separate
I wanted to live
few days hence
she decided to tease
from her bro
came a photo
pics of mine
I asked to remove
she knew it I know
had decided to go
"am no one for her"
its all her brother

murder she did
of my feelings
she thought was recording
audio myself
nothing in it
she checked herself
but then the dairy
was not filled afterwards
she obviously had
planned the worst
she enacted her script
and then she left
accusing me
of murder threat


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